how to gift wrap a wreath

Gift-wrapping a wreath can be a lovely way to present this decorative item for a special occasion. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to gift wrap a wreath:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Wreath
  2. Wrapping paper or clear cellophane wrap
  3. Ribbon or twine
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape
  6. Optional: Decorative ornaments or a gift tag


  1. Choose Your Wrapping Material: Decide whether you want to use traditional wrapping paper or clear cellophane wrap. Clear wrap is an excellent choice if you want to showcase the wreath’s design.
  2. Prepare the Wreath: Ensure that the wreath is clean and well-shaped. Adjust any foliage or decorations as needed.
  3. Lay Out the Wrapping Material: If you’re using wrapping paper, roll it out on a flat surface, with the decorative side facing down. If you’re using clear cellophane wrap, lay it flat.
  4. Place the Wreath in the Center: Position the wreath in the center of the wrapping material. If using wrapping paper, ensure that the wreath is placed diagonally so that all edges can be covered. Leave excess material on all sides.
  5. Wrap the Wreath: If using wrapping paper, fold the bottom edge of the paper over the wreath and hold it in place. Next, fold in the sides, and finally, fold down the top edge. Secure the paper in place with tape along the seams. If using clear cellophane wrap, gather the material around the wreath and tie it with a ribbon or twine at the top.
  6. Tie with Ribbon or Twine: Whether you’re using wrapping paper or clear wrap, add a ribbon or twine around the wrapped wreath. Tie it in a bow or knot at the top. You can choose a ribbon that complements the wreath’s colors and style.
  7. Add Decorations or a Gift Tag (Optional): To make the gift even more special, consider attaching decorative ornaments or a gift tag with a personalized message. Hang the ornaments from the ribbon or twine, or use tape to secure them to the wrapping paper.
  8. Inspect and Adjust: Before presenting the gift, make sure that the wrapping is secure, and the wreath is well-protected. Check for any loose ends or decorations that may have shifted during wrapping.
  9. Present the Gift: Gently lift and carry the wrapped wreath to the recipient, ensuring that it remains in good shape during transportation.

Wrapping a wreath can add a beautiful finishing touch to your gift, and it’s a thoughtful way to present this decorative item for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, or housewarming parties.

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