how to hang a tv outside on siding

Hanging a TV outside on siding requires special consideration for outdoor conditions and the type of siding you have. Here’s how to hang a TV on exterior siding safely and securely:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Outdoor-rated TV wall mount bracket
  2. TV wall mount screws appropriate for your TV
  3. Stud finder (optional)
  4. Electric drill or impact driver
  5. Level
  6. Pencil or marker
  7. Lag screws or wood screws
  8. Wall anchors (if needed)
  9. Protective TV cover or enclosure (optional)
  10. Outdoor extension cord (if needed)
  11. TV and necessary cables
  12. Weatherproof cable connectors or conduit (if needed)


1. Choose the Location:

  • Select a suitable outdoor location for mounting the TV. Ensure it’s sheltered from direct rain, sunlight, and other elements as much as possible. Also, consider the viewing angle and access to power and cable connections.

2. Locate Wall Studs:

  • If possible, locate and mark the positions of wall studs behind the siding. Use a stud finder for this purpose. Attaching the TV mount to wall studs provides better stability and support.

3. Position the TV Mount:

  • Hold the outdoor-rated TV mount bracket against the siding at the desired height and level. Ensure the bracket is aligned with the wall studs or suitable mounting locations.

4. Mark Hole Locations:

  • Use a pencil or marker to mark the locations of the mounting holes on the siding. These holes should align with the holes in the TV mount bracket.

5. Drill Pilot Holes:

  • Carefully drill pilot holes at the marked locations on the siding. The size of the pilot holes should be appropriate for the lag screws or wood screws you plan to use. If you’re attaching to wall studs, drill the pilot holes directly into the studs.

6. Attach the TV Mount:

  • Align the TV mount bracket with the pilot holes and secure it to the siding using lag screws or wood screws. Use an electric drill or impact driver for this step. If you’re attaching to wall studs, make sure the screws penetrate the studs.

7. Test the Mount:

  • Gently test the TV mount by applying pressure to ensure it’s securely attached to the siding.

8. Mount the TV:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mount your TV onto the bracket. Typically, this involves attaching the TV to the bracket using the appropriate screws.

9. Connect Cables:

  • Connect the necessary cables (HDMI, power, etc.) to the back of the TV. Ensure the cables are weatherproof or use protective cable connectors or conduit to shield them from the elements.

10. Weatherproof Protection (Optional): – Consider using a weatherproof TV cover or enclosure to protect the TV from rain, sunlight, and other outdoor elements when it’s not in use.

11. Cable Management: – Secure and conceal cables to maintain a neat and safe setup. Use weatherproof cable connectors or conduit as needed.

12. Power Source: – Ensure there is an outdoor-rated power source nearby. Use an outdoor extension cord if necessary to provide power to the TV.

13. Test the TV: – Turn on the TV and check all functions to ensure it’s working correctly.

Hanging a TV outside on siding requires careful planning and consideration of outdoor conditions. Be sure to use outdoor-rated equipment and weatherproofing measures to protect the TV from the elements. If you’re unsure about any step of the process, consider consulting a professional installer to ensure a safe and proper outdoor TV setup.

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