how to hang bubble lights

Hanging bubble lights, also known as bubble wall lights or bubble wall panels, can create a visually stunning and relaxing ambiance. These lights typically consist of a transparent acrylic panel with bubbles that continuously move when illuminated. Here’s how to hang bubble lights:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Bubble light panel
  2. Mounting brackets or hardware (included with the light or purchased separately)
  3. Screws
  4. Screwdriver or drill
  5. Wall anchors (if necessary)
  6. Level
  7. Pencil or marker
  8. Measuring tape
  9. Wire or extension cord (if the light needs to be plugged in)


1. Choose the Location:

  • Select a suitable location to hang the bubble light. Consider factors such as the size of the panel, the visual impact you want to achieve, and access to an electrical outlet if required.

2. Measure and Mark:

  • Use a measuring tape, pencil, and level to mark the exact position where you want to hang the bubble light. Ensure the marks are level and well-aligned.

3. Install the Mounting Brackets:

  • Most bubble lights come with mounting brackets or hardware. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install these brackets on the wall at the marked positions.
  • If you’re not using the provided hardware, ensure that the brackets you choose are suitable for the size and weight of your bubble light.

4. Attach the Bubble Light Panel:

  • Carefully lift the bubble light panel and hang it on the installed mounting brackets. Align the panel so that it hangs evenly.

5. Secure the Bubble Light:

  • Depending on the design of your bubble light, there may be screws or clips on the brackets to secure the panel in place. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it’s properly secured.

6. Connect the Power (If Needed):

  • If your bubble light requires an electrical connection, ensure there’s an electrical outlet nearby. Plug it in and route the cord discreetly to the outlet.
  • You may need to use wire clips or cable management solutions to keep the cord tidy and out of sight.

7. Test the Bubble Light:

  • Turn on the bubble light and let it run to ensure that it’s functioning correctly. Observe the bubbles and lighting effects to ensure they meet your expectations.

8. Adjust as Needed:

  • If necessary, make any final adjustments to the bubble light’s position or the angle at which it hangs to achieve your desired visual effect.

9. Enjoy Your Bubble Light:

  • Your bubble light is now securely and attractively hung on the wall, creating a mesmerizing display.

Bubble lights can add a unique and captivating element to your space. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when installing and operating the light, and enjoy the soothing and mesmerizing effects it brings to your home or environment.

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