how to hatch a magmasaur egg

Hatching a Magmasaur egg in the popular video game “ARK: Survival Evolved” involves specific steps and conditions, as the Magmasaur is a unique creature known for its fiery nature. Here’s how you can hatch a Magmasaur egg in the game:

1. Obtain a Magmasaur Egg:

  • First, you need to find or obtain a Magmasaur egg. Magmasaur eggs are typically laid by female Magmasaurs, which can be found in the Volcano biome on the Genesis Part 1 map of the game. You can locate Magmasaurs near lava and volcanic areas. Approach a female Magmasaur and interact with it to collect its egg.

2. Build an Incubation Area:

  • To hatch a Magmasaur egg, you’ll need an area with a high temperature environment because Magmasaur eggs require extreme heat to incubate. You can create an incubation area using the following methods:
    • Volcano Biome: If you’re near the Volcano biome, you can use the natural extreme heat there to incubate the egg. Be cautious, as it can get dangerously hot.
    • Air Conditioners: If you’re not in the Volcano biome, you can use electrical generators and air conditioners to create a hot environment. Place the egg on the ground and set up a few air conditioners around it to increase the temperature. Ensure the room temperature reaches around 80-90 degrees Celsius (176-194 degrees Fahrenheit) for Magmasaur eggs.
    • Lava: Alternatively, you can immerse the egg partially in lava if available in your location. Be careful not to place the egg too deep into the lava, as it may overheat and be destroyed.

3. Incubate the Egg:

  • Place the Magmasaur egg in your chosen incubation area. If you’re using air conditioners, make sure they are providing enough heat. You can monitor the egg’s incubation progress by checking its tooltip. It will display the temperature and the time remaining until it hatches.
  • Keep the egg’s temperature within the required range, and it should gradually hatch over time.

4. Protect the Egg:

  • While the egg is incubating, be vigilant and protect it from potential threats like wild creatures or other players who may try to steal it or destroy it.

5. Wait for Hatching:

  • Eventually, after maintaining the correct temperature and allowing enough time, the Magmasaur egg will hatch, and a baby Magmasaur will emerge.

6. Care for the Baby Magmasaur:

  • Once hatched, the baby Magmasaur will require care, including feeding it Ambergris, which is a unique resource obtained from specific creatures in the Genesis Part 1 expansion.

Hatching and raising creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Be prepared to invest time and resources into nurturing your baby Magmasaur to adulthood, where it can become a formidable ally in your survival adventures.

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