how to hide cords for power recliner

Hiding cords for a power recliner can help improve the appearance of your living space and prevent tripping hazards. Here are some ways to hide cords for a power recliner:

1. Use Cord Covers:

  • Cord covers are available in various lengths and colors. They are designed to conceal and protect cords. Simply place the cord inside the cover, attach it to the wall or floor using adhesive or clips, and paint it to match your room’s color.

2. Run Cords Along Baseboards:

  • If your power recliner is located near a wall, you can run the cords along the baseboards. Secure the cords using cable clips or adhesive cord organizers designed for baseboards. Paintable cord covers can also be used for a more discreet look.

3. Hide Cords Behind Furniture:

  • Place furniture like a bookshelf or cabinet between the recliner and the power source. Run the cords behind or under the furniture to keep them hidden from view.

4. Use Cable Raceways:

  • Cable raceways are plastic or metal channels designed to conceal and protect cords. You can attach them to the wall and run the cords inside, keeping them out of sight.

5. Install Wall-Mounted Cord Organizers:

  • Wall-mounted cord organizers or cable management kits are designed to keep cords neat and hidden. These kits typically include clips, adhesive, and channels for running cords along the wall’s surface.

6. Use Cord Concealing Kits:

  • Cord concealing kits are specifically designed to hide cords for appliances and electronics. They often include wall-mounted channels or tubes for cord organization and concealment.

7. Install a Floor Cord Cover:

  • If your recliner is not near a wall, consider using a floor cord cover. These covers are designed to run cords along the floor and come in various styles to match your decor.

8. Tuck Cords Under Rugs or Carpets:

  • If your recliner is on carpeted flooring, you can carefully tuck the cords under area rugs or carpets to hide them from view. Ensure that the cords are not creating a tripping hazard.

9. Use Cord Hiders for Furniture:

  • Some furniture pieces come with built-in cord hiders or cord management systems. Consider furniture that offers this feature if you’re planning to purchase new items for your living space.

10. Cordless Power Recliner: – If you’re willing to invest in a new recliner, consider a cordless power recliner. These recliners have built-in rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for cords.

11. Professional Installation: – If you’re unsure about hiding cords or want a more permanent solution, consider hiring a professional electrician or handyman to install power outlets closer to your recliner or conceal cords inside walls.

When hiding cords for a power recliner, prioritize safety by ensuring that cords are secured properly and do not create tripping hazards. Additionally, always follow manufacturer recommendations for cord management to avoid damage to your power recliner or potential electrical issues.

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