how to identify pro comp heads

Pro Comp is a manufacturer of aftermarket cylinder heads for various engine applications, including automotive and racing. To identify Pro Comp cylinder heads, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check for Manufacturer Markings:
    • Look for any markings, logos, or labels on the cylinder heads that indicate they are Pro Comp products. Pro Comp often includes their name or logo on the cylinder heads.
  2. Inspect for Part Numbers:
    • Pro Comp cylinder heads usually have part numbers stamped, engraved, or cast onto the head. These part numbers can help identify the specific model or series of cylinder heads.
  3. Examine the Casting Marks:
    • Pro Comp cylinder heads may have unique casting marks or identifiers. Inspect the surface of the cylinder heads for any distinctive casting marks, which can be indicative of their origin.
  4. Measure Cylinder Head Dimensions:
    • Measure critical dimensions of the cylinder heads, such as the combustion chamber volume, valve size, and port dimensions. Compare these measurements to Pro Comp’s specifications for their cylinder head models.
  5. Check for Material Quality:
    • Examine the material quality and construction of the cylinder heads. Pro Comp cylinder heads are typically made from high-quality materials, and the machining should be precise and consistent.
  6. Identify Specific Features:
    • Pro Comp cylinder heads may have specific features or characteristics that distinguish them from other brands. These could include unique valve covers, bolt patterns, or cooling passages.
  7. Research Pro Comp’s Product Line:
    • Familiarize yourself with Pro Comp’s product line, which includes a range of cylinder head models designed for different engine types and applications. Compare the characteristics of your cylinder heads to known Pro Comp models.
  8. Consult Automotive Forums and Communities:
    • Join online forums or communities dedicated to automotive performance or engine building. Enthusiasts and experts in these communities may have experience with Pro Comp cylinder heads and can offer identification assistance.
  9. Contact Pro Comp Directly:
    • If you have access to the manufacturer’s information, consider reaching out to Pro Comp’s customer support or visiting their official website. They may be able to provide guidance on identifying their products.
  10. Seek Professional Assistance:
    • If you’re uncertain about the identification of your cylinder heads, or if you need to verify their authenticity, consult with a professional automotive mechanic or engine builder with experience in aftermarket cylinder heads. They can offer expert insights.

Identifying Pro Comp cylinder heads requires careful examination, reference to specifications, and potentially reaching out to experts or the manufacturer for confirmation. Keep in mind that Pro Comp offers a range of cylinder head models, so identifying the specific model is essential for accurate identification.

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