how to increase edge angle skiing

Increasing your edge angle while skiing is important for better control, stability, and performance on the slopes. A higher edge angle allows you to carve more efficiently and make tighter turns. Here are some tips to help you improve your edge angle while skiing:

  1. Proper Body Position:
    • Maintain a balanced and centered body position over your skis. Your weight should be evenly distributed between both feet.
  2. Flex Your Ankles and Knees:
    • Flex your ankles and knees to lower your center of gravity and create a more dynamic stance. This allows you to angulate your body better for increased edge angle.
  3. Angulate Your Body:
    • To increase edge angle, tilt your upper body and shoulders into the turn while keeping your hips and knees more upright. This angulation helps you engage the edges of your skis effectively.
  4. Maintain a Forward Lean:
    • Keep a slight forward lean in your upper body. This position encourages the use of your ski edges and helps you initiate turns more easily.
  5. Use Your Edges:
    • Focus on using the edges of your skis to initiate and maintain turns. Roll your ankles and knees toward the inside of the turn to engage the edges.
  6. Practice Carving:
    • Carving is a technique that emphasizes using the edges of your skis. Practice carving turns on groomed slopes to improve your edge control.
  7. Work on Flexion and Extension:
    • Practice flexing (bending) and extending (straightening) your legs during turns. This movement helps you transfer your weight efficiently from one edge to the other.
  8. Mimic a Motorcycle Turn:
    • Imagine you are leaning your body into a turn as you would on a motorcycle. This mental image can help you achieve the necessary angulation.
  9. Take Lessons:
    • Consider taking skiing lessons from a certified instructor. They can provide personalized feedback and drills to improve your edge angle.
  10. Video Analysis:
    • Record your skiing with a video camera or smartphone and analyze your technique. Look for areas where you can increase your edge angle and make adjustments accordingly.
  11. Strengthen Your Core and Legs:
    • Engage in off-season conditioning exercises that strengthen your core, legs, and ankles. A strong core and lower body can help you maintain proper body position and edge control.
  12. Ski on Varied Terrain:
    • Challenge yourself by skiing on a variety of terrain, including steeper slopes and different snow conditions. Different scenarios will require different edge angles, and practice will help you adapt.
  13. Be Patient and Persistent:
    • Increasing your edge angle may take time and practice. Be patient with yourself and stay committed to improving your technique.

Remember that skiing is both a physical and mental activity, and improving your edge angle requires practice and focus. Start with gradual improvements and gradually work your way up to more aggressive edge angles as you become more comfortable and confident in your skiing abilities.

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